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Mental Health Month in May

Mental health is very important. As we recognize Mental Health month in May, be sure to spread positivity. We are living in a time where people are speaking up about their feelings and struggles to deal with their life's journey. Everyone has their own unique experiences and learn through their upbringing on how to deal with those experiences. It is important people are not steered away from getting the help they need when they need it. We all play a part in how people view mental health treatment. There are so many resources available for people, despite their gender, race, income, or sexual orientation. Do you know what resources are available in your community? We can all benefit from learning more about mental health and what to do if faced with the opportunity to help others or to help ourselves. A good way to start is to contact your local mental health facility and ask about community training opportunities around mental health. In Hinds County, just call 601.321.2400 and ask to speak with the Mental Health First Aid Trainer to get started. Mental Health First Aid trainings are available to people regardless of their background. Be a part of spreading awareness and resources.

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