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meet the team


Dyelicia Vasquez

Children and Youth Services Coordinator

Brittany Clark

Program Director


I work with clients from numerous schools in Hinds County. I love my job because I know I’m teaching my clients techniques that will benefit them on a daily basis. An important fact about me is that I’m not a quitter, and I always give my 100%.


Christina Moseley

Child and Family Therapist

Team Lead 

Deidre Smith

Juvenile Justice Specialist

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Salmeilia Stewart

Suicide Assessment and Prevention Specialist

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Olivia Wilkins

Co-Occurring Specialist


Tamiyah Beals

Wraparound Facilitator

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Mashayla Reed

Lead Family Coordinator

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Monique Buckhaulter

AOP Therapist

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Shandranekia Copeland

AOP Program Assistant 


JaMaya Donalson



Ray McCants

Outreach Specialist

Social Marketing Coordinator

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